Choosing and Picking up our RV.

We began our search for an RV after watching numerous YouTube videos from various RVer’s. We are considering going “full time” in the future, so we wanted a floor plan that felt comfortable.  We did not like the idea of partially eating in your living room and vice versa, partially watching TV in your kitchen.  We wanted a floor plan that had a pretty good separation of the living areas. We started to explore the forward living floor plans, and really like these lay outs.  So then it was a matter of finding one in our budget.  We defiantly chose to go with used, because the depreciation on and RV is drastic and did not want to take that hit on a new unit.  We are not “green” to Rving as we owned a Cougar in the past and really enjoyed it.  We searched the Keystone models and came across the 373FLS. With four slide outs, auto leveling and ample storage, we felt this unit was for us.  At 38′ we knew we would be sacrificing maneuverability, and the ability to sneak into tight spots, but felt the extra room would be worth it.

So we began our search for a used Cougar 373FLS.  We finally found one on RV Trader that fit our budget.  It was located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We contacted the dealer, Oklahoma RV Center, asked a bunch of questions, had them send us multiple pictures as we were buying this site unseen. After much discussion and looking at all the pictures, we made them an offer and they accepted.  Now, we live in Vermont and yes we could have found a unit a little closer, but we figured the trip down and back would give us a little taste of “being on the road”.  So we set out on a Friday in May 2018 and on that Sunday afternoon arrived in Oklahoma City to meet with the dealer Monday morning.  The trip down was uneventful and not to bad all things considered.  Monday morning we arrived at the dealer to be greeted with a very friendly staff.  They took us to look at the Cougar and told us to make a list of anything we found that need attention.  We did and they addressed everything, no questions asked.  Once we were satisfied, we closed the deal and headed back to the Northeast.  I had booked us an overnight stay in a RV park in Illinois, Cedarbrook RV Park.  We arrived at around 10pm, and they owner escorted us to our pull through site and was very helpful. We hit the road again around 7am and continued our journey home. We arrived in Western NY later that evening and ended up boondocking at a Walmart.  We did call ahead and asked the manager if they allowed overnight parking and the said no problem.  Of course we went in and spent some money on food and supplies.  The next morning we were up bright and early hit the road and arrived home at around 1pm that afternoon.  After we parked the Cougar, we looked at each other and both agreed we wish we were still on the road, we loved it and were hooked!

Our 2016 38′ Keystone Cougar
Living room